Making Compensation Painless

We partner with companies to pay employees fairly

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All Things Compensation

  • Market compensation analysis
              – Base Salary | Bonus | Equity
  • Global compensation structure and ranges
              – Base Salary | Total Cash | Equity
              – Remote or distributed workforce
  • Total rewards & compensation philosophy
  • Job leveling & career paths
  • Pay gap analysis
  • Bonus program design & development
  • Sales incentive plans evaluation & strategy
  • Interim compensation leader
  • Rewards & recognition programs

Customer Success Stories

I could not recommend Lola and the CultivatePeople team more highly. A number of my clients have hired CultivatePeople and are equally impressed with their work. They built out their global job leveling structures, collaborated with leaders across the organization to establish career paths, and delivered reliable salary + equity ranges.

Customer Success Stories

CultivatePeople has been a fantastic partner on all things compensation, being both strategic and tactical in providing the tools and resources needed to implement our compensation goals.

Customer Success Stories

The CultivatePeople team has helped provide our employees clarity and understanding around our compensation philosophy, and validate that our employees are being paid fairly.

Janeen Rivers, Compensation AnalystOntario Stotts, Compensation AnalystConnor Braithwaite, Senior Software Engineer

Who We Are

We are a team of compensation experts dedicated to simplifying complex compensation practices. Founded by Lola Han in 2017, CultivatePeople partners with companies to attract, retain, and engage employees through a comprehensive compensation strategy.

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What We Do

CultivatePeople developed Kamsa, a compensation software. Kamsa and the CultivatePeople team are an extension of your team, helping you create a comprehensive compensation process tailored to your company’s unique needs. Our hybrid solution  introduces globally proven compensation practices.

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