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Cultivate: Your People. Your Organization

We are a total rewards consulting firm specializing in compensation and benefits. We partner with companies to pay employees competitively and cultivate productive, engaged employees for optimal scalability and growth.

Our Services

Compensation Consulting

◾  Compare employees’ compensation against the market.
            – Base salary | Bonus/incentives | Equity
Develop compensation structure and ranges (total cash, equity)
Articulate a total rewards and compensation philosophy
◾  Pay equity analysis (e.g., gender pay parity)
Design bonus programs and develop sales incentive plans
◾  Reward and recognition programs

Other People Services

◾ Job leveling and career paths
◾ Interim Total Rewards (compensation and benefits) leader
◾ Benefits benchmarking studies
◾ Performance management
◾ Transition off PEO and refine People processes
◾ Identify and select HR third-party partners to meet your needs
            – Benefits broker | HRIS
◾ Global mobility services (expand internationally)

Events Calendar

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Making Minimalism Mainstream

Minimalism – an approach to life that preaches “less is more”. “Why can’t I have what that person has?” “Why do I feel like I always need more?” Oh wait, that’s right – I’m killing my own joy with the mind games I play. It’s called comparison. We tend to measure success by how much we have compared to our peers. Money, large homes, fancy cars, and other material possessions.

Why some companies can't handle remote work

Mary allows her employees to work remotely. Dick makes his employees come into the office. Don’t be a Dick. Providing remote work opportunity to employees offers benefits to employers and workers alike: increased productivity and efficiency, boosted employee morale and engagement, lower stress, reduced turnover, and decreased overhead costs.

Trendin’ Turmeric

Spring is in the air! The beginning of the new season does not only mean a change in fashion, but also an opportunity to start fresh. Maybe, even introduce a new trending beverage to your mornings. Move over avocado toast and nitro cold brew; the new frenzy is the Golden Latte! In the mind of the Food Futurists, turmeric is the next best thing and the key ingredient in this fast trending drink.

Our Clients

We’ve been a trusted People partner for many major and emerging brands. Here are some names we’ve had a pleasure of working with: