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Market Compensation

Market Compensation is where the Kamsa Market Data is held.

To find compensation ranges for any job in Kamsa’s database, go to Market Compensation.

0:08 The first tab, which is your company’s tab, includes the job families and market data cuts that are applicable to your workforce. 

0:14 The Market Data Cut options in your company’s tab, displays data cut options that are applicable to your job matches.
In this company, there are employees located in New York City, San Francisco, and working remotely in the United States and Executives are matched to a Revenue Cut. 

0:30 When the Market Data Cut is selected to “All”, Kamsa will list compensation ranges for each data cut in every Job Level.

To narrow down the data displayed, select a Market Data Cut.

Market Percentile

0:39 The Market Percentile shown is the target percentile the HR admin selected during onboarding for technical and non-technical jobs. 
The market percentile is used to establish the midpoint of the ranges and Kamsa uses the midpoint for the percentile chosen to calculate compa-ratios.

For example, this company targets the 50th percentile for non-technical jobs, like Administration, and the 65th percentile for technical jobs, like Engineering. 

1:05 To see which of your company's Job Titles or Business Titles are matched to a Kamsa job, click on the Kamsa Job Match. 

Ranges for base salary and total cash are shown, and for positions matched to Kamsa’s jobs in the market database, the internal average for your employees will display in blue. 

Internal average is a quick way to check the current salary average in your company, so that you can make sure salary offers are internally equitable.


1:29 Let’s say a position gets difficult to fill, and you want to make an adjustment to the range for a specific job.
Click on the plus icon, then enter a premium or discount by a suggested percentage, a custom percentage, or by creating a custom midpoint value. 
The Minimum and Maximum will automatically calculate to 85% and 115% of the Midpoints, respectively. 

All adjustments made will be listed in the Adjustments tab so you can view how you customized Kamsa’s market data. 

To remove an adjustment, click the gear, Reset All then Submit. The data will go back to the original market values. 

All Positions

2:03 When you’re in the All Positions tab in Market Compensation, you can access the ranges for every job in Kamsa’s database, in every data cut. 
By default, the market 50th percentile for US National data cut is selected, and you can make selections on what you’d like to display. 

Kamsa will automatically display local currencies for all data cuts, and you can convert the local currency to US dollar on the top right. 

Compare Tab

2:26 To compare various market data cuts for a given job, or if you wanted to compare for example, how a job with San Francisco data cut compares to a job with Boston data cut, you can add them to the Compare tab by clicking on the compare icon in the All Positions tab and in your Company’s tab. 

In the Compare tab, the jobs will display grouped by job family. 
Each job title is listed with the Market Data Cut and market percentile associated with it. 
Business Titles, or titles matched to the Kamsa job, are listed, as well as the internal average in blue.