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Job List

The Job List holds the available career paths for the jobs in your organization.

The Job List gives you access to a list of all the existing job titles in your company as well as the available career paths.

The green tab on the top indicates what’s shown on the page.
When clicked on your company name, the job list will display the full list of Kamsa Job Titles that your Company jobs are matched to.
The Market Data tab will display all available jobs within the Kamsa Market Database.

Job Levels

0:22 Each Kamsa Job Match has a job level associated with it.

  • Individual Contributor level start at IC1, and can go up to IC7.
  • Manager levels start at M1 and go up to M6.
  • Executive levels start at E1 and go up to E3.

0:39 Click on the job level to display the job level description, including the typical years of experience required for that job level.

0:46 Each job family has a short job description, so you can verify that the Kamsa Matches fit the jobs at your company.

Business Titles

0:56 Kamsa allows your HR Admin to customize Business Titles to help distinguish your Company’s Job Titles from the Kamsa Job Match. Business Titles are initially populated using the Company Job Titles from the census file uploaded during onboarding. While in your company’s tab, click “Edit”

1:12 When you edit to the Business Title here, it will update the Business Title for each employee matched to this job, and it will also reflect in Market Compensation.

1:22 To see which employees are matched to each Kamsa job title, click the button in the Employees column and a slide out will appear, listing the employees. Click on the employee name to open their employee profile in a new tab.

1:34 When you click on "Price this job", Market Compensation will open in a new tab, displaying the ranges for that job.