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Employee Data

Employee Data Management, or EDM for short, is where your employee's census data is held. Here you can see all employee data including compa-ratio, salary and Kamsa Market Match.

Let’s dive into Employee Data Management, or EDM for short.

Adding an Employee

0:07 First, let’s add an employee. 

When you click on the Upload Employees button, you’re given the option to upload census data, which is exactly like the initial onboarding template. We suggest uploading census data when there are changes to many existing employees, or if you’re adding multiple employees into Kamsa.

0:24 The Upload Employees button also has an option to add a single employee. 

The first item Kamsa asks for is the Employee ID. While there may be more than one person in your company with the same name, there cannot be a duplicate Employee ID. The Employee ID is the reference point Kamsa uses to update the data points. So when you upload a new census data from the Upload Employees button, make sure the Employee IDs are correct. 

Provide details for the person you’re hiring, and when you’re finished, click add & close.  

Filer & Settings

0:54 Next, let’s filter and customize the table view.

Click on Filter, and create rules to display the data you’d like shown, then click save. For example, to see employees who are in the company department of Engineering, select Company Department, Text contains Engineering, then click Save. 

1:12 To customize the table view, click on Employee Data Management, then settings. A slide out will appear and you can edit the column sort order.

For information overload, click Show All Columns and all available columns will display in your EDM view. 

1:30 Reset to Default will hide some columns we think aren’t essential to your everyday navigation, but it’s good for you to know it’s there. 

Click and drag any of the columns and the column order will magically update. Click the eye on any column title and it will either appear or disappear. 

1:49 Close the Settings slide-out by X-ing it out on the top right, or click anywhere on the page. 

And here’s a Pro-tip: Whenever there is a slide-out in Kamsa, clicking anywhere on the page always gets rid of it. 

Editing in Employee Data Management

2:01 Click Edit to make changes to employee data. Changes are saved automatically as you work, so if something gets saved accidentally, you can Undo your actions. 

2:11 Access the activity log by clicking on the indicator on the top right. 

Export Data

2:16 Finally, to export employee data, click on Employee Data Management, and choose your preferred format. 

For any questions about your Employee Data, contact your Kamsa Consultant.