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The dashboard gives you a quick glimpse at the health of your organization.

Welcome to the Kamsa homepage!

The menu on the left gives you access to all of Kamsa’s features: the Cultivate Your People tool, Employee Data Management, Job List, Market Compensation, Administration, Compensation Review, Analytics & Reporting, and the Help Center.

0:19 On the top of the homepage there are options to view or edit employee data, company profile, and the company’s complete job list. 

0:29 In our dashboard, we see a snapshot of our company, including the total number of employees, and recent new hires.

Kamsa also displays your company's overall average compa-ratio, and the amount of employees being paid below market (85%). 

0:50 Departments are listed and can be sorted by size or compa ratio. Click on any desired department to showcase the employees in that org. 

1:00 We’re also able to sort the employees by compa ratio or by date of their last increase. The dropdown on the right also shows a list of departments which displays the employees in that org.