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Company Profile

The Company Profile is where you can edit things like revenue target, compensation philosophies, and performance rating scale.

To make edits on your company’s information, go to your Company Profile. 

The General Information section is where you can make changes to revenue target, projected headcounts, invested capital, series funding stage, and performance rating scale. 

0:15  When you change your company’s revenue target, it will impact the Market Data Cut Kamsa uses to market price executive jobs. 

The Performance Rating Scale, impacts the default option when creating a Comp Review Plan. 

Job Level Structure

0:27  You can choose to modify the Job Level Structure. 

  • The Standard View has the Manager and Individual Contributor levels staggered and manager levels go from M1 to M6. In the Standard View, the M3 level is aligned to the IC4 level.
  • The Modified View has Manager and Individual Contributor levels aligned and Manager levels go from M2 to M7. In the Modified View, the M4 level is aligned to the IC4 level.

0:56  Next is integrations. Any Kamsa integrations, for example an HRIS, will be listed here. 

Compensation Philosophy

1:02  The Compensation Philosophy section is where you can edit the target percentiles for technical and non-technical jobs. Here, you can also add any customizations to a specific job family. 
For example, if Business Intelligence Analyst jobs are hard to find talent for in the market, you might consider targeting the 75th percentile for the entire job family. 

To delete a Comp Philosophy customization, click Remove Customization. 


1:29  Next is the Equity section. 
Here, you can enter equity information including diluted shares, preferred shares price, per share value, and strike price, as well as the vesting schedule for new hire and refresh grants. 
Enter your company’s established Equity Grant Guidelines for technical and Non-Technical positions by job level. 
When you click save changes, Kamsa will recalculate the compa-ratio for impacted employees on any changes made in the Company Profile.