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Power Women of Tech

DCA Live celebrates great women who are emerging powerhouses in the DC area tech community. The group includes founders, C-level execs, investors, engineers and others who are making great contributions to our local tech ecosystem.

This new list of Power Women of Tech of 2019 includes:

Lola Han, CultivatePeople
Kelly O’Malley, Georgetown Venture Lab
Sarah Feiser, Washington Post
Abby Hammer, ChurnZero
Whitney Jones, LifeCents
Aparna Kadari, Fannie Mae
Kate Goodall, Halcyon
Taylor Poindexter, Black Code Collective
Kristine Harjes, Motley Fool Ventures
Allyson Redpath, Citrine Angels
Julia Westfall, Hera Hub
Jess Szmajda, Axios
Ali Spittel, Dev.to
Fran Craig, Unanet
Veni Kunche, Diversify Tech
Serene Almomen, Senseware
Simone Petrella, CyberVista
Elizabeth Lindsey, ByteBack
Joanna Kochaniak, GetUpside
April Johnson, Happied
Stephanie Cummings, Please Assist Me
Maria Izurieta, Challenger
Lisa Mayr, Everfi
Tiffanny Gates, Novetta
Pamela Rothka, Octo Consulting
Denise Wilder, Sev1Tech
Ronit Avni, Localized
Kari Clark, Uplift
Erin Janklow, Entrada ESL
Julie Koo, IOREX
Cynthia Adams, Pearl Certification
Rica Rosario, AIGA
Pamela Assogba, Color Coded
Kelly Miller, Tech, Rebalanced
Shannon Turner, DCFemTech

This impressive and diverse group will be honored with a lively and fun event on November 7.