Our Services
We create strategies that cultivate people by:
  • Paying employees competitively and fairly
  • Attracting and retaining employees
  • Engaging and motivating employees

CultivatePeople partners with you as an extension of your team. We facilitate a comprehensive approach to total rewards that goes beyond comparing your employees’ pay against market data. We work with you to develop a sustainable compensation philosophy, structure, and process for your company.

Compensation Consulting

Market Compensation Analysis
Market analysis for salary, bonus/commission, & equity
Global Compensation Structure
Build compensation ranges for remote or distributed workforce, globally
Total Rewards Philosophy
Develop a toolkit to communicate compensation philosophy to employees
Incentive Program Design
Design and develop bonus and sales incentive plans
Job Leveling & Career Paths
Establish job levels and create growth opportunities
Pay Gap Analysis
Detailed pay equity analysis by gender and other demographics

CultivatePeople has developed Kamsa, a compensation software that makes compensation painless.
Our CEO and Founder, Lola Han, a compensation thought leader in the technology industry has helped over 200 companies with their compensation programs.

Lola created Kamsa to modernize routine compensation reviews for organizations. Kamsa, meaning "appreciation" in Korean, is a hybrid tool blending market compensation data + automated compensation reviews.

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