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The Great Garbage Run

From those yummy Swedish Fish to Spotify and flat-pack empire Ikea, Sweden has long been leading the way with trends. But it seems as if their latest export is sweeping the world quite literally. Picture this: tall, fit, beautiful Swedish people jogging along majestic paths. Now, add a trash bag in their hand and you’ve got “plogging”, a trend that combines plucking litter off sidewalks, trails, and bushes during your run. Although the idea is not the first of its kind, with ‘Trashercize’ in Tennessee that also melds picking up trash while you exercise, plogging surely is gaining momentum and popularity around the world.


Plogging away…

We’ve all seen and been disgusted by the bottles and cans littering the way during our run. But whether we jog in the park or on the beach, we often go past it. Just like the ready to assemble furniture, the people of Sweden found a solution in plogging. The name was coined by fusing the Swedish term ‘plocka upp’, and the word ‘jogging’. With the former meaning ‘picking up’, it’s simply picking up the litter we encounter while on our daily run. The exercise adds squatting and lunging to the traditional running routine and averages 288 calories burned in 30 minutes. Not to mention the personal satisfaction that we’d get by helping the community be trash-free.

And in case you were wondering, yes, there’s an app for that! Lifesum allows you to track your plogging and share it with your friends, just like you would track and share any other form of your fitness progress.

So, tie up those laces, stretch, and hit the trail with a garbage bag or two and get plogging!

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