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About Us

Who We Are

We are a software and consulting firm founded in 2017 by D.C. native, Lola Han, focusing on compensation. After spending time in San Francisco soaking up all she could from tech companies like Zendesk, she started CultivatePeople. By bridging east and west coast People practices and trends, we help companies stay in touch with new ways of doing things. CultivatePeople specializes in partnering with companies to attract and retain employees, as well as supporting them in scaling and growing. 

What We Do

With a white-glove approach, CultivatePeople helps companies establish competitive compensation for employees, painlessly. As thought partners, we introduce progressive, globally proven practices, including enhancing pay equity and transparency in the workplace. CultivatePeople works as an extension of your team. We don’t just recommend what a company should do, we roll up our sleeves and help make it happen! #getshitdone

Our Team

Super Power: Intuition

Lola Han

Founder & CEO

Foodie who tries not to get hangry. Loves dogs more than people. Enjoys documentaries, hip-hop, and bougie drinks.

Super Power: Diplomacy

Matt Harbers

Head of Engineering

Inquisitive student of life who enjoys woodworking, brewing beer, cuisine, and cultural exploration. Finds solace in the great outdoors.

Super Power: Deadline Crusher

Amy Galifianakis

Associate Consultant

Enjoys cooking different cuisines. Loves spending time with family outdoors, hiking, biking, and even yard work.

Super Power: Remembers All

Kaylyn Reid

Associate Consultant

Avid reader who loves yoga, a good cup of tea, and traveling because experiences > things. Learned to drive a boat at 10.

Super Power: Curiosity

Lauren White

Senior Manager, Consulting

Overpacking road-tripper who loves reading good books, singing in the choir, and crafting when inspiration hits.

Debbie Duarte

Super Power: Rocket Fuel

Debbie Duarte

Community Manager

Lover of bees, coffee, and Texas bbq. Forgets toothbrush when traveling, but always remembers to bring snacks.

Olga G.

Product Manager

Serhii V.

Product Designer

Valentyn P.


Andriy V.


Marta D.

QA Engineer

Sofia K.


Super Power: Stress Reducer


Chief Happiness Officer

Makes sure the team is having a good woof/life balance and reduces anxiety.

Andriy V.


Alex B.

Senior Engineer

Marta D.

QA Engineer

Values We Cultivate


Blending art and science


We love helping companies grow #CultivatePeople

Get Shit Done

Don’t just talk about it. Be about it. #getshitdone


Value and invest in people #Kamsa